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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Streams in the Desert

Streams in the Desert Home

About Author Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

After 25 years of fruitful missionary labor in Japan and Korea, the angel of pain struck Charles E. Cowman, the doctor’s diagnosis was: “Worn out”. The result was that he was transferred from the din of the battle to the seclusion of the sick chamber; from the glow and glory of the work of the sick chamber; from the glow and glory of the work he loved so dearly, to the utter abandonment of it all. Would his faith fail now at this crucial point? If God were to give him songs in the night, He must first make the night. The billows which in their approach threatened to submerge him as they came in, lifted him to heaven for which he was bound.

If the great adversary had desired that the stroke should mar or bruise God’s chosen instrument, to arrest God’s work, he was certainly disappointed for Charles Cowman stood still, beneath the shadow of the Cross.

All these wonderful devotionals were compiled by Mrs. Cowman. This daily devotional has received such tremendous response from all over the world, that it has gone into many editions.

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